"We are entrepreneurs at heart"

Comarco, also through Comarco Investments BV, has invested in NoSoapCompany BV, (exited in March 2020) in TopRow New York LLC, and in its holding The Sports Society (Toprow) BV, in MIE Fitquest Ltd in the UK, and Insead's Salamander Investment Network. Due to the Covid-19 situation, we are currently unlikely to invest in additional opportunities.


"Providing help for projects we like"

For more than 12 years, we were active supporters of the Sustainability Executive Roundtables at the Insead Social Innovation Centre, (now the Hoffmann Global Institute for Business Sustainbility). We supported the re-start of the 2017 Melkhuisje Masters Hilversum gravel tennis tournament, and we support the 80 Day Race as well as Vision AfriKa Europe

Insead Social Innovation Center
80 Day Race - electrically around the world in 80 days
Vision Afrika
Photo Merijn Roubroucks courtesy of Iamsterdam

Photo Merijn Roubroeks Courtesy of Iamsterdam

For small start-ups or initiatives that fit with our disciplines or core beliefs, we have set aside some capacity to invest hours and/or seed capital. With substantial experience in mergers and acquisitions, rebranding and repositioning, we are also ideal partners to advise venture capital firms or angel investors who are looking to invest in companies where Marketing and Communications are critical to success.

Obviously, we are not a bank. And we certainly do expect to get a decent return on our efforts eventually. But we are always open to innovative ways in which we can contribute to better governance, or better marketing and communications while joining in the success of your business as well. Such models can help because you know that your advisor has "skin in the game" while at the same time you can conserve cash.

In the combination with other projects and clients, you can also count on us to always take great care to avoid conflicts of interest.