We have a proven international track record

We are proud to have worked on a number of complex challenges with our customers

General organisational assignments

  • Strategy, Innovation and Governance

  • Startup/new business modeling, strategy, process management

Specific marketing and communications assignments

  • Sponsorship selection, (e)valuation, quantification

  • Coherence and impact of visibility across stakeholder groups of a Brand

  • Alignment of top level KPI's and reward/bonus schemes with MarCom culture and accountability

  • Discovery, Innovation and Growth management training and simulations for Scale-Ups

  • Investor rapid Marketing/Brand audit,

Our "Purpose" - How we feel about our work:

Organizations should always focus on net long term value creation for society

Comarco was created to improve Marketing and Communications for private companies and NGOs. The focus of the consulting activities is on proper management and accountability and on a holistic approach that looks at general issues or at Marketing and Communications, while including the cooperation with other disciplines such as Sales, IT and Data Management in an integrated way.

We firmly believe that in order to create durable, sustainable enterprises the focus must be on adding value to society first, and that only when that is the case, one can expect to claim a slice of the value for the stakeholders of enterprises that helped create it. By helping organizations to add more value to society, Comarco itself also strives to be a net added value contributor to a better society.

That is what we use our specific expertise for.