Marketing, Governance, Corporate Communications and Sustainability


Are you a high-level Marketing or Communications executive, of do you need to manage one? Did you end up in the (supervisory) board of an organisation with many stakeholders?

Then you may wish you had a sparring partner who is experienced in managing a complex governance, marketing and communications or sustainability challenge. For a redesign, for a second opinion, for deep know-how coming from people who have actually done the job succesfully.

We consult to the top managers of organizations, to enable them to make the best use of the knowledge, the experience and the networks of our consultants. 

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Training, Coaching  and Teaching:
Governance, Marketing and Communications


Do you want to train your team or yourself further on how to become more effective in growing your organisation and your people? With access to top university level Business School materials?

Consider a state-of-the art gamified
Scale-Up growth simulation, or a shorter or longer crash course in governance "beyond compliance" in an international setting. To open people's minds, to remove some self assumed limitations, or simply to start a better discussion with your teams.

We keep your expertise up-to-date. 

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Investments, Non-executive roles: 


Small company investments, Non-exec/advisory and interim roles


Our lead consultant has a number of non-executive and advisory board roles, but has room for one or two more.

We can also provide interim management capacity for small and midsize businesses in general business management or marketing roles. With growth challenges as a common theme.

We may also invest hours or seed capital in small and mid-size start-ups or initiatives that fit with our disciplines or core beliefs.  

For financial investment only, we are currently fully invested but we expect to be able to consider new opportunities by Q3 2020

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