Science, experience, vision and opinions are all different things - and we know the difference

We keep our expertise current. Our lead consultant holds an Insead Certified IDP-C Corporate Governance qualification, a Register Marketer qualification by the Netherlands Institute for Marketing and the European Marketing Confederation, and he is Professor of Practice in Marketing and Communications at Maastricht School of Management.  A firm principle is that whoever we propose for a role, he or she must be a proven expert for the challenge at hand.

Comarco expertise by discipline:

  • Branding around M&A
  • Sponsoring use and valuation 
  • B2B marketing, also in combinations with B2C
  • Innovation and Growth challenges (see also: DiG simulation)
  • Use of data and linkages with IT
  • Accountability and incentives
  • Marketing and technology, Web
As early adopters of technology in Marketing, we have learned how to help you sidestep the hype and use new possibilities profitably. 
We have a view on the future of marketing: much as we love the era of "Mad Men", the world today is vastly different and tomorrow it will change even more. 
We consult on it, while we also work together with a roster of distinguished academics and practitioners. 
We think the development of the science of Marketing still has far to go, so we teach what we preach too.  

Corporate Communications
  • Communications and its role around M&A
  • CEO and Management Changes
  • Employer Branding
  • Employee Motivation and Internal Communication 
Once a specialty associated with spin doctors and speech writing, this discipline is now the key function where all the various aspects of an organization's identity come together. 
As in Marketing, we remain firmly fact-based. There certainly is an element of art in all forms of Communication, but relying on "magic" alone is definitely not our style. 
We help you to create the best plans and organizational frameworks, and then we help you to find objective, sensible measurements to see how you're doing.
We have access to personal experience ranging from how to present a start-up or charity, all the way to what is required for a major listed company. 
Our connections to academic thinkers and corporate communications practitioners are second to none.

  • Leadership
  • SDG integration
  • Marketing and sustainability
  • Finance and (integrated) Reporting 
We firmly believe that in order to create durable, sustainable enterprises the focus must be on adding value to society  first. 
Only when that is the case, one can expect to claim a slice of the value for the stakeholders of enterprises that helped create it. 
For us, the major factor in hoping to eliminate poverty, disadvantage and injustice in the world is sustainable economic growth, in harmony with the environment. 
This growth must come mainly from private firms and organizations. 
We are certainly not activists in the common sense, but business people looking for sensible answers. 
We look at sustainability and corporate social responsibility as essential elements in the mix of aspects that must be managed. 
The objective is always to safely steer an organization towards its best possible future.